A Bit About Me

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Ever since grade school, I've been a big math nerd. It's always been my best subject academically speaking, and I've always had a passion for training my brain logically to solve problems, whether in a puzzle or a classroom.

In college I focused on English and mathematics, and graduated with a BA in 2014. After that I worked in public education and private business, predominantly in renewable energy technology. Several of these positions led me to content-creation roles writing copy, editing website content, designing email campaigns, and authoring guest blogs and press releases. From there I began learning the behind-the-scenes technologies that made this work possible.

After six months working under a veteran Web Developer mentor learning everything I could, and years implementing web development best practices, I'm ready to apply my knowledge and expertise to your next project or website. Take a look at my projects below to see what I can do for you, or my CodePen profile to see one-off design concepts and ideas.

Résumé & Skills

Coding Stuff:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
    • Bootstrap
    • Responsive/Mobile-First Design
  • ES6/Javascript
    • Vanilla
    • jQuery
    • AJAX
    • Vue
      • Vue CLI
      • Components
      • Mixins
    • React
      • Components
      • State hooks
    • Object Oriented JS
    • DOM Manipulation
    • Local Storage
    • Node
      • Express
      • EJS
  • PHP
  • Git/GitHub
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
    • PHP templating
    • Custom themes
  • OpenCart
  • Web Accessibility
    • WCAG fundamentals
    • Keyboard navigation
    • WAI-ARIA attributes
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Semantic HTML
    • Meta Tags
  • Website & Performance Optimization
    • Chrome dev tool debugging

Professional Specialties:

  • View résumé
  • Web Development
    • Editing websites with Drupal and Salesforce CMS
    • Building websites with eCommerce platform OpenCart, utilizing PHP MVCL framework
    • Top to bottom website coding, including formatting, styles and behavior
    • Custom coding JS to fix accessibility and functionality issues
    • Site design and layout enhancement
    • Site deployment on Netlify with Netlify CMS backend
  • Copywriting
    • Website copy
    • Promotional blogs
    • Email newsletters
    • Company press releases


  • BA from the University of Colorado
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
    • Majored in English/Creative Writing
    • Minored in Mathematics
  • Team Treehouse Online Coding Tracks
    • Web Design
    • Front End Web Development
    • Javascript
    • Web Accessibility
  • Udemy Online Courses
    • Full Stack Web Dev
    • Vue.js
    • WordPress
  • Web Development Mentoring
    • Worked directly under Chad Dugas, Senior Web Developer for blueModus


Front end proof of concept for a real estate site built on React

This is the front end proof of concept for a real estate app/website built on React. It uses state hooks and nested components to display and filter out homes based on search criteria in the header.

Check it out!
My tutoring side-business website

This is an in-progress look at some freelance work for Nichols Quality Painting, a small business in Northern Colorado. I integrated this site with the Netlify CMS for user-friendly page editing capabilities using AJAX requests to load JSON data generated by the client's CMS actions.

Check it out!
My tutoring side-business website

This is an in-progress look at some freelance work for Driftwood Jerry, a custom driftwood artist based in Fort Collins. This site also utilizes the Netlify CMS, AJAX requests, JSON-stored data and .yml files to allow for easy editing by the client.

Check it out!
My tutoring side-business website

This is a tutoring site I built for my side-gig as a math tutor in the Denver metro area. Here I focused on readability and the efficiency in the delivery of information.

Check it out!
A note keeping app built on React

This is a note-keeping app built with React and deployed on Netlify. It creates new notes by utilizing React state hooks and keeps users' notes stored in the browser for easy retrieval.

Check it out!
My Venture Bros. fan site project front page

Take a look at a self-commissioned project of mine: a fan site for my favorite show, The Venture Bros. It features a VueJS-enabled character page (as well as a different version using JSON-based AJAX, just for kicks) and some DOM-oriented JS stuff in the form of a virtual dice game.

Check it out!
My RSVP app website

This is a fun web application for creating RSVP lists for your next event. It utilizes DOM scripting to create and edit elements based on HTML form input, and local storage to keep your invitee list saved even after you close your browser.

Check it out!
My Vue email app proof of concept main page

Proof of concept for the front end of a Vue-enabled email app. Multiple vue components are utilzed to switch between different views of messages in the inbox, sent, important, and trash folders. You can even refresh the inbox and "send" new emails.

Check it out!
My video app proof of concept main page

Proof of concept for a Vue-enabled video app. Movie data is loaded to the site via the Vue instance, and then movies can be browsed via scrolling carousels and added to a list of favorites.

Check it out!
Lunar Clock Chrome extension

For Chrome users, here's my first published extension, Lunar Clock. It creates a pure-CSS model of the moon in its current phase, or lets the user switch to an animation of its entire cycle and keeps the preference stored in the browser.

Check it out!

Javascript Playground

This is a collection of JS apps and features I've put together with vanilla JS, Node, Express and EJS. Plus some of them talk to MailChimp, OMDb, & Bitcoin APIs, then parse their JSON response data.

More projects coming soon...